Project Description

Project specifications

project name:
healthy life

organic compost

Jahan Kesht Company

Style: 3D

Design and idea:
Media toothbrush thinking room

Milad Tangerine

Laden Momen Bagheri

Sanaz Dehghan

PhotoShop, 3ds Max

Project description

Jahan Kesht Company was the main component of their speech and their distinction from the beginning was the category of health and vitality of life. His strong emphasis on this claim led the media toothbrush think tank to the idea that inside a small glass world we see the presence of a clean ecosystem; In the minimalist atmosphere of the glass world, it is a can of fertilizer and the clean ecosystem is a single green and lush tree. This idea was initially presented to the colleagues of the world of agriculture in the form of manual design and storyboard, among several other ideas; Which entered the executive stage after his approval. Jahan Kesht Company is the representative of Swiss Gppw products in the field of organic fertilizers in Iran.