Project Description

Project specifications

project name: Drink from the heart of nature

Topic: mineral water

Media toothbrush – ready for sale

Plan: Media toothbrush thinking room

۳D and composite run:
Milad Tangerine


۳ds Max, Vue, PhotoShop

Project description:

The idea for this ad was formed by chance when one of the children was on the streets of the city at noon in the summer heat. When he arrived at the office, he shared the idea with the others and the general public agreed on the whole thing. It was that we have a waterfall and we are watching it from below, and we see water landing and fountains, the camera slowly goes to the top of the waterfall and the spring of this waterfall, which is a big bottle of mineral water, appears. The mountain view was then abstracted and worked on. The waterfall also worked on two models of a suspended island and a pond.