Project Description

Project description:

The project of cooperation with Nissan started in the fall of 1996 with the representation of Ghasempour in Shiraz and Khuzestan, which eventually led to the emergence of this Nowruz project for the brand of Jahan Novin Aria Company, the official representative of Nissan in Iran. The story is that the key is placed on the Eid table, then the fish, seeing the Nissan switch, gets very excited to reach it, which suddenly finds itself suspended in the cabin of the Nissan Joke, and begins to explore the area. Different cars and ….., which finally by combining two fish in the Nissan logo, the feeling of a pond and fish is induced to the audience and the logo is formed in the atmosphere of light, which publicly displays the final idea of his work Lays.

Project specifications

project name:
Nissan and Eid fish

Nowruz, spring, car

Representation of Nissan Ghasempour
Jahan Novin Aria Company

Design and implementation:
Mesvak Media

Media toothbrush thinking room
Sahar Haghighi Nejad, Ahmad Omranian, Mohtabi Moradi

Director, cinematographer and editor:
احمد عمرانیان

Image Assistant:
Arsalan Ahmadi, Mojtaba Moradi, Ehsan Abedi

Sahar Haghighi Nejad, Laden Momen Bagheri

Laden Momen Bagheri

Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Adobe Audition

Thanks to Dr. Movahedian